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The Will of Heroes

Love him or despise him, Joe De Sena defied magnificent odds to accomplish athletic feats best described as simply remarkable. Physical abilities aside, it was his mental composition that not only allowed him to accomplish his athletic goals, but helped him found not only a successful business in Spartan Race, but arguably the sport of obstacle […]
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2016 OCR World Championships: What you need to know right now

Expect the 2016 OCR World Championships to be a fabulous, albeit much different experience.

12 things I have learned (or re-learned) from my OCR friends

Obstacle racers form a diverse community.  We are diverse in age, race, athletic background, geographical upbringing, etc. and  in our approach to life.  It’s sometimes hard to explain to others, but years of being around obstacle racing has taught me a lot…most of the lessons have been good ones.   Our fun sometimes looks a little different than everyone […]
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2015 OCR World Championships: From the Sideline

She approached Tip of the Spear, cradling her arm with a look of pain on her face.  Fifteen seconds later that look changed to one of bitter defeat. Pent up emotion flowed through the tears at the realization she had come this far, but ultimately would be losing her band. Ten minutes later cheers erupted […]
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Pride melting in OCR

Oftentimes mainstream media would have us believe that obstacle racing is a sport fraught with danger. I would counter with the most dangerous aspect of being an obstacle racer is not threat of injury, but the fact that we are awesome – awesome in our approach to life, in our quest to become stronger, faster, […]
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5 Reasons why the OCR World Championships is the best OCR event of the year

I have been a huge supporter of OCR World Championships since the very first time Adrian Bijanada shared his vision with me. I like to remind him that many of the most ardent OCRWC fans were skeptical at first, but I have always been behind this idea! As we near the second edition of this championship […]
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2015 Barkley Fall Classic – An Adventure

Lazarus Lake (or Gary Cantrell if you prefer) lit his cigarette and the jittery mass of ‘crazies’ trotted down the asphalt toward their foray into Frozen Head State Park.  And so it began.  Suddenly, without warning, one idiot dropped his water bottle and in cartoon-like fashion darted backwards against the flow of runners, narrowly avoiding […]
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Can I finish the 2015 Barkley Fall Classic?

You may have heard of the Barkley Fall Classic.  If not, here is what little I know about it.  It’s the itty bitty brother of the famed Barkley Marathon.  It stretches the length of a 50K to supposedly 34-36 miles, all of which are within the unfriendly confines of saw brier and rattlesnake infested mountains […]
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Reebok Super 2.0 OCR Shoe Review

After training in them for a few weeks, my first racing action in the new Reebok All Terrain Super 2.0 was the Cincinnati Battlefrog – what some are calling the most difficult regular season obstacle race of 2015.  Aside from that one instance during the jerrycan carry in which I buried my legs calf deep in shoe-sucking mud, I didn’t give […]
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Battlefrog Cincinnati Race Review

Battlefrog is for real.  You can question the business model and long term prospects, but the challenging nature of this obstacle race is undeniable.  This was my first Battlefrog, which took place on the Mud Guts & Glory course outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.  For various reasons, it was also my first time running an open wave since 2011.  Unlike […]
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