On My Way To Sparta

10 years worth of obstacle racing analysis, information, & musings from competitive obstacle racer, Jeff Cain


On My To Sparta is the digital space where all things obstacle racing collide.  The name has a two-fold purpose.  It originated as I (Jeff. Cain) prepared for my first Spartan Race in Vermont 2012, but the dual meaning is that it is an ongoing pursuit of excellence.  You will find many things here including motivation, stories, gear reviews, race reviews, training tips, interviews, and musings.  Above all, On My Way To Sparta is about promoting the sport and athletes of obstacle racing.

You can follow this site and more on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/onmywaytosparta and on Twitter at @OnMyWayToSparta

11 thoughts on “About

  1. I just found your blog through the Spartan Chicked Page! I am so honored to be listed on your blogroll, and I can’t wait to read more of your blog. Keep rocking girl!!!!

  2. Hi Jeff!

    I found your site through my continuous research for training for my first Spartan Race. I am racing in the Indiana Sprint in April of 2013 and I’m stoked. I’ve noticed that you may be from Kentucky from reading your post? I live in the Louisville area and I’m looking for people to train with me and possibly join the race with me as a team.

    My training will really kick into gear in January. I’m hoping this Sprint will feed my competitive spirit and make me want to do more races! I would love to know if you are from the Louisville area! Let me know and I would like to get in touch with you about training.


  3. I’ve been searching for Spartan Race training plans, shoe tips, etc. Everything I can get my hands on really, that involves Spartan Races. I’m signing up for the Carolinas Sprint in March ’13 and I’m a pretty active runner. I run 5ks in my region, run daily, and weight train in the gym (as of recent.) I think your blog has been the most informative peice I’ve found so far. I hope to go through it as I train until March. Thank you.

      1. I think it’s going well. I look forward to your daily emails and the Spartan WOD, which I receive as well. I actually just watched a video from the previous Carolinas Spartan and I’m fairly confident in my abilities thus far. I do know that I need to get on base (I live by Parris Island and grew up there too) and start practicing my rope climbing and the such. It’s really hard for me to train here, for obstacle events, because Beaufort has such flat ground. I have no one to train with, so most of the time, I’m stuck in the gym, unless I’m running. I’m also pretty new to racing, so sometimes I don’t know what some of the work outs are.

  4. Love the site. Found it when I was looking for shoe reviews. I’ve done a fair amount of races this year and plan on having a big 2013. Looks like we’ll be at the Utah Beast together.

  5. I have been in training all my life and never knew for what… I’m 65 and ran into a violent psychopath… Needed every bit of the training!!!

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