What I appreciate about running on pavement

I highly appreciate paved roads because they allow me to……

4 non-obvious reasons why obstacle racing makes me a better professor (I think)

My paying job is as an associate professor at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy.  I do a little bit of everything: teach, research, write, and even administer some educational initiatives.  So, what in the world makes me think (emphasis on think) that training and racing has anything to do with how I perform […]
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What I appreciate about BROCR

Not only do they have the most moderately successful OCR web series in the world, BROCR also produces some of the okayest videos and content in the sport.

Thirty7s – The one and only

It’s the baddest article of clothing I own. A blue hoodie with the 2012 Spartan Ultra Beast finisher shirt fashioned on the hood. The creepy rendition of Lazarus Lake from my Barkley Fall Classic shirt gracing the front.

What I appreciate about the Barkley Marathons

Despite the fact that I would love to get a taste of the experience, what I appreciate about the Barkley is that it….

What I appreciate about Hobie Call

I oftentimes grow weary of social media rants, complaints, and the keyboard-enabled “call-outs” of people.  While that may at times play an important role in the development of the sport, I believe we need more public discussions that uplift spirits.  So here I am, trying to do my part. Hobie Call has received his share […]
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Spartan and Marriott

Two of the biggest names in their respective industries have become partners.  On the surface this might seem ho-hummish, but it is an indicator of continued international appeal of the Spartan brand and overall interest in obstacle racing.  If I glance over my right shoulder, I can see a small mesh bag from approximately 5 […]
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The Endeavor Team Challenge

I’m considering it.  Seriously considering it. It would be good for my soul. The Endeavor Team Challenge offers exactly what drew me (and many of the OGs) to obstacle racing to begin with: more of an adventure and less of an event.  As much as I love obstacle racing and the many improvements in terms of races […]
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Yancy Culp: Man of the People

The curly locks. The positive outlook.  The mouth that runs like a Ferrari.  The person who could encourage even Tony Robbins to accomplish things beyond his belief.  There are some people who you know are just good to the core before you even meet them. That would be Yancy Culp. The uniqueness of his name even hints […]
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2018 OCR Orphan Adventure Mission Trip

Plans are underway for the 3rd annual OCR Orphan Adventure Mission trip to Monterrey, Mexico.  Sponsored by Back2Back Ministries, this trip combines obstacle racing, camaraderie, and a life-changing experience with severely disadvantaged children and youth. 2018 Trip Information Coordinators: Jeff Cain and Jason Throndsen Dates: January 13-19, 2018  Cost: $695 + airfare (book on your […]
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