Corinna CoffinYou have probably heard of Corinna Coffin by now. She burst onto the OCR scene this summer with multiple podium finishes at Battlefrog, Mud Guts & Glory, & Spartan Race. Her 2nd place finish at the Spartan World Championships in Vermont solidified her status as one of the emerging female superstars of the sport. You probably also know that she is a college student at Virginia Tech, on the VT Triathlon team, is into Crossfit, and has a boyfriend – fellow Crossfitter, Kevin Righi. You might even know that she played soccer and won high school state championships in cross country and lacrosse.

Now Let me tell you some things you probably do NOT know about Corinna.

If you assumed that Corinna was just another athlete from a ‘regular’ family you would be mistaken. I actually told her (jokingly) that she was an underachiever, because unlike her dad had done at age 21, she hasn’t won 2 Olympic gold medals (equestrian 3-day event at ’76 Montreal). As the only girl of 4 children growing up on a horse farm, she had her share of outdoor physical activity. Her identical twin brother, “Jack”, has some serious career aspirations and is also a talented writer and singer of country music. [Editor’s note: He obviously isn’t identical to Corinna and his given name is Chris]. With regard to her competitive spirit, Corinna gives some of the credit to her mom, who registered little kid Corinna to the boys’ soccer teams and taught her to hold her own by being aggressive. Corinna also sings the praises of Seal Team Physical Training for teaching her about fitness and training outside the confines of traditional sports. Even in high school, she and her brothers made the 45 minute drive at 5 a.m. to attend training sessions.

Some tidbits about the phenom that are a little more interesting Corinna Coffin

Even though people will tell you she is sweet as apple pie, don’t be deceived by her brilliant smile and innocent eyes. Within the first minute after meeting me in August, Corinna made some wise crack about my temporary ineptness at climbing a big dirt pile. Yes, Corinna, I remember things. Despite a bit of an attitude at times when growing up, Corinna claims she was always an angel….except for that time at age 5 when she threw the family cat onto her brother while he was in the shower. She has also had a scrape or two with “vehicular enforcement”. Not only does Corinna run fast, but apparently she drives fast too and recently found herself on the receiving end of a reckless driving ticket.  Now she has no choice but to drive like a granny. If you go further back in history, you might discover other life events that toughened her for her future sport.  Girly dolls from her childhood had a rough life and didn’t fare as well as she did with all the boys in the family. When her brothers weren’t popping her Barbie heads off, they were hanging them with a string from the 3rd floor window. Another one of Corinna’s dolls met an early demise when Corinna tossed her in the air to catch…but failed. Porcelain faces shatter easily. That is the total extent of dirty laundry that I could find on Corinna.  Translation: That is all that she would admit to me. So maybe she actually is kinda sweet.  Under the “awwww” category, Corinna cannot stand to watch living creatures suffer and even saves bugs from drowning in swimming pools.  Even roadkill makes her a little sad. She’s not afraid of spiders…her boyfriend on the other hand…. (Sorry, Kevin, she made me do it. You know how she is.)  I have yet to experience this, but I’m told that if you’re around her when “Genie in a bottle” by Christina Aguilera comes on the radio….cover your ears. Also, don’t be alarmed if you occasionally hear her emit a loud chirpy sound. Apparently it’s just a minor case of chronic hiccups and occurs 2 or 3 times every day.

What else can I tell you about Corinna??

She is fluent in Spanish, HATES scary movies (of which she considers Harry Potter “scary”), and most importantly, is one of my favorite OCR people in the world!

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