On My Way To Sparta

10 years worth of obstacle racing analysis, information, & musings from competitive obstacle racer, Jeff Cain

Contact info

If you have questions or want to discuss any or all things pertaining to obstacle racing, then you can easily reach me through one of these links below.

Name:   Jeff. Cain

Email:   jjcain00@yahoo.com

Twitter:  @OnMyWayToSparta

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/onmywaytosparta 

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/onmywaytosparta


8 thoughts on “Contact info

  1. I will be competing in the Midwest Spring in October as well. I read what your training style was and I completely agree with the whole of boredom of running alone. Although I hate it I have a 4 mile warmup this month to see what I can do in a competition. I’m a pretty big guy at 6’5″ 240 trying to get down to 225. I’ve got P90X and access to any weights I need but I am curious as to what worked for you. This race will lead up to my entering the Super and Beast. Hope to see you at the Sprint in October.

  2. Would love a menu as to “how too” feed my spartan, lol. HELP, I v looked everywhere it seems. Everyone has exercise but no help as far as food intake. Thanks

  3. New to spartan races and plan n competing at the next one at AT&T park. curious to shoe recommendations as its obviously going to be obstacles and more hard surfaces then mudd. I was maybe leaning toward a less aggressive trail runningshoe like maybe the reebok all terrain or super? thanks for the help.

    1. The Stadium Races are a little tricky because of the mixed surfaces (concrete, dirt, grass, metal, etc..) You definitely don’t need a really aggressive shoe. A non-aggressive trail shoe would suffice or a cross-training shoe with good grips. Some of it depends on your preference and your willingness to buy a shoe for a specific race. Although you could wear them, the Reebok Supers are too aggressive in my opinion.

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