Not much to write about today’s workout….P90X Legs & Back while wearing a 20 pound weighted vest; 15 minutes of core work; some squat shoulder throws with my log, and rope jumping for a cool down. Because that’s pretty boring, I’m going to share some of the songs on my running playlist. This is personal, so no judgment! The songs that I choose must either have a fast beat or reach down inside me and unleash an unstoppable drive. My favorite ones do both. My list has a mixture of the tried and true cliched songs and some that are, well, a little off the wall. So here we go:

I Go to Work by Kool Moe Dee
Black Betty by Ram Jam
Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
Too Legit to Quit by MC Hammer
No Sleep Till Brooklyn by the Beastie Boys
Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
Fever Dream by Tyler Bates from the 300 Soundtrack

There you have it…another glimpse into what makes me tick. Maybe I’ll share some more later…???