must read blogsMany colorful stories emanated from the sport of obstacle racing this year.  From companies biting the proverbial dust (mud) to televised events to world championship announcements, it was an exciting year.  Among this excitement was a plethora of outstanding blog posts and articles written about the sport.  Here is a compilation of must-read posts from 2013.  Some of these are editor selections, but most of them were nominated by others.  There are numerous other outstanding posts nominated, but there are limits to everything – including this list.  These posts are enlightening, controversial, heart-warming, inspiring, funny, thought-provoking, or some other adjective describing something you would like to read.  Not every post is for every reader, but there is something for everyone; from newbies to veterans, males to females, and weekend warriors to elites.  Do not try to interpret the order in which they are listed.  It was random.  Enjoy!

11 Undeniable Reasons to Love the Obstacle Life by Will Lind at PureWill

Are you Elite? by Ekaterina Solovieva at Solo

Obstacle Races are not Mud Runs, D*mn It! by Leslie St.Louis at Colorado Obstacle Racers

4 Obstacle Racer Personality Types by Jeff Cain at On My Way To Sparta

Stop Wearing the Mask; It Just Makes You Look Stupid by Margaret Schlachter at Dirt In Your Skirt

The Trouble with Chicking by Amelia Boone at Race Ipsa Loquitor

5 Easy Steps to Achieve an Obstacle Course Racer’s Bikini Body by Heather Gannoe at Relentless Forward Commotion

Spartan UltraBeast: ‘Waiting for the Fog to Lift by Shelley Bishop Koenig at Filthy Clean Living

Mommy Guilt by Holly Berkey at Muddy Mommy

*Superhero Scramble Unmasked by Matt B. Davis at Obstacle Racing Media

Hunter McIntyre: Inside the Mind of a Champion by Paul Buijs at Mud and Adventure

Why My 50th Race Was About More Than Just Halfway by Brad Kloha at Run To Remember

Midwest Super CFS Recap 2013 by Jonathan Nolan at Cornfed Spartans

Obstacle Racing as Sport versus Obstacle Racing as Industry by Jeff Cain at On My Way To Sparta

My Opinion on the Current State of the OCR World by Kevin Jones at Crazy Mudder Muckers

Why Do Obstacle Races Cost So Damned Much? by Sean “Ace” O’Connor at With Passion and Purpose

How Do I Save Money at Those Damned Expensive Races by Paul Jones at NE Spahtens

If OCR doesn’t kill me, the couch among other things will.  A rambling letter to my mom. by Corinne Kohlen at Barb Wire for Breakfast

Love Letter to Sparta: You’ll Know at the Finish Line by Carrie Adams at Spartan Race blog

Obstacle Racing Teaches us Life Lessons by Kevin Parrish at I am a Spartan

Extreme Nation with Hobie Call by Michael Makar at Mud and Adventure

*Must read media post

Must Read OCR Blog Posts from 2012 can be found here.

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