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Year 2 of the OCR Orphan Adventure Mission Trip

“¡Sí tu puedes!” is the phrase I heard at least a hundred times last week. “Yes, you can!” was chanted loudly, encouraging the residents of Casa Hogar Douglas children’s home and the Hope Program as they competed in the obstacle courses we designed. This encouragement, smiles, and positive affirmation play a small, but important role […]
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United States Obstacle Course Racing Championships (USOCRC)

The preferred Labor Day activities for obstacle racers this year should not be grilling burgers in the backyard, but tackling obstacles in Mountain Home, Texas. Adventurey, LLC, better known as the company who puts on the OCR World Championships, announced today that it will offer a United States only version of this uber-popular race. The […]
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Get off the road, @$$#0!*!

It was early Christmas morning and I was running down a sparsely traveled country road. I was 45 minutes in and at the midpoint of a long straight climb. It had been a peaceful run, having seen 5 cars at the most when I heard one approaching from behind.  I was running on the left shoulder toward […]
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Faye Stenning: Looks can be deceiving

Dressed in jeans and a jacket vest, Faye Stenning looked like your everyday twenty-something with an attractive smile and glittering eyes. You know the kind.  One of those peppy girls fresh out of college who will spend an entire weekend shopping for shoes that she thinks will make her the envy of all the other […]
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Super-quick glance of Spartan Race 2017

What Spartan Race wants you to know about 2017: Season Passes; Stadium Races; New Medals; New Obstacles.

OCRWC 2017: Back to Canada!

The announcement has been made and to no one’s surprise, the 2017 OCR World Championships will return to Blue Mountain, Canada on Oct 13-15.  For me personally, it means I have a second chance of buying the maple syrup I forgot this year!  While some may question why a WORLD championship race is in North […]
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Jon Albon: Unplugged

Less than four hours removed from his third straight OCR World Championships win, Jon Albon sat sprawled out in front of me, seemingly oblivious to the awe being bestowed upon him by the international obstacle racing community.  Although self-described as nervous and shy as a kid, he appeared to be neither as we chatted comfortably […]
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The Essentials of Obstacle Race Training – a review

Many may recognize the name David Magida for his recent role as an announcer for NBC Spartan Races.  Others may know him as the owner of Elevate Interval Fitness – a high energy gym in Washington, D.C.  Still others, like myself, may know him more as the hotshot obstacle racer and one of the earliest […]
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7 reasons why OCRWC is our Olympics

While many in the obstacle racing world look toward a future when OCR might be included as an Olympic Sport, the OCR World Championships is steadily inching toward becoming the sport’s own Olympics.  I will give you 7 reasons why. Racers from 42 different countries are competing this year, giving it the largest and most […]
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Mud Guts & Glory: a different perspective

I have raced in every single Mud Guts & Glory event since its inception, but for medical reasons, this time I was relegated to spectator status and spent the entire day at the finish line or milling around the festival area.  It provided me a different, albeit a more complete picture of what is still […]
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