Laws of the OCR UniverseI think we all can appreciate most of the natural laws of the universe.  Although it’s a little aggravating during rope climbs and sandbag carries, gravity comes in quite handy the rest of the time.  I’m no physicist, but I think a new set of laws have emerged.  Laws of the OCR universe.  For those of you inclined to intellectual debate, I know my metaphor isn’t precise.  In fact, my use of the term ‘law’ in this sense isn’t even correct.  Play along.  After extensive research and deliberation a few minutes of disjointed thought, I have determined that if the following list of things don’t happen, then the OCR world will be in grave peril of spinning off into oblivion.

  1. Someone must engage in the debate of which is more difficult: Spartan Race or Tough Mudder.
  2. There must be a minimum of 25 tweets daily promoting discount codes to use for upcoming races
  3. At least one new race has to emerge every week that promises to be the toughest, baddest, muddiest, insert your favorite extreme superlative here, race ever
  4. A minimum of 312,500 photos from OCRs must be uploaded to Facebook every weekend (exactly 74 of them are actually good photos)
  5. Bi-weekly, someone must ask for a status update on Spartan Ultra Beast selections and registration
  6. Someone must advocate for OCR as a recognized ‘sport’
  7. Matt B. Davis must interview someone associated with obstacle racing
  8. At all times, a minimum of 300 people must be confused about how Spartan Race points are calculated (see what I did there with the whole ‘300’ thing?)
  9. Every weekend, at least one athlete must make the unwise choice to race with an injury (I have been known to be this person on occasion)
  10. Last, but not least, and my favorite of them all: A plea for support for some worthy cause is met with overwhelming support from the OCR nation

Are you doing your part in keeping our OCR universe intact?  Do you have more laws to add to the list?