I’ve made no secret about the fact that I consider myself a Spartan Racer and now Reebok Spartan Race has given me the opportunity to give someone else the chance to race for free!  Take this as a challenge to move outside your comfort zone and participate in one of the upcoming races.  Could I interest you in the Midwest Super (July 20), the site of one of my favorite races, or perhaps the Mid-Atlantic Super (Aug 24-25), a new venue that I plan on racing at this year?  If not, choose one of the other races (preferably one on my schedule so that I can meet the winner of the prize in person).  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!  To enter the chance for a free race, click on the link below.  Several ways to enter (like my FB page, follow me on Twitter, Tweet about this contest).   Contest ends on June 14.

Click here to win a free Spartan Race