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The 2015 OCR World Championships will be held October 17-18, 2015 in Oregonia, Ohio, returning to the site of the inaugural race to improve on an already fabulous event.  Now that the race has established its validity as a world-class event, expect it to sell out.  A limited number of pre-registration spots are available.  Grab them quickly, but remember you still have to qualify!

Promo code ForThose20 will give you 20% off registration.  For every use of that code, $10 will be donated to 501(c)3 non-profit charity, For Those Who Would.  We are in the very early stages of launching and every $ will help us help others.

In case you still need convincing that this is a must-do race for any serious OCR competitor, just read the reviews from the 2014 race.

“Adrian is a visionary, not only for seeing this thing through at the risk of his own personal financial and mental health, but with complete and thorough execution, beyond worthy of a world championship let alone an inaugural one. This statement is clearly evident if you asked anyone who was present to bear witness of the history in the making.”  ~Junyong Pak via Facebook


Yes, the course was great, 35+- obstacles, the http://mudgutsandglory.com venue was beautiful, perfect weather, you know, all that good stuff. Mandatory obstacle completion to qualify for awards created marvelous stories of either humbling defeat or glorious victory……But the real glory was in the people. Everyone there had a desire to see the industry unite and work together for the greatest good. Every group, organization and individual were acknowledged and celebrated. The common goal made for an amazing atmosphere.”  ~Hobie Call via Facebook


“Those in attendance could clearly see this is what a world championship obstacle race is supposed to be like.  It had racing stars from across the globe.  It had clearly defined rules.  It was brand neutral.  It had energy.  It had mystique.  It had camaraderie. It had terrain. It had a distance (8.8 miles) that did not inevitably favor sprinters nor endurance runners.  It had obstacles.  It had obstacles.  It had obstacles.  And those obstacles were varied and unique and challenging and fun.” Read the rest at OnMyWayToSparta.com


“I walked right up to Adrian Bijanada, the visionary behing OCRWC, and said “This is the real world championships.” I would repeat that statement about 100 times over the next two days. I also said “This is what our sport needs”. And it is. If we are going to grow, we can’t have a championship decided by a particular brand. It needs to be an independent company who’s top priorities are to bring everyone together and unify the sport.”
Read the rest by Matt B. Davis at ObstacleRacingMedia.com


“Friggin loved it! It was all up or down – with lots of steep climbs and descents – my favorite kind of course. Nothing seemed over the top dangerous.  Never got lost. Tons of obstacles (57) – many of which were very taxing (i.e. the Weaver and the Platinum Rig) but ultimately doable. I now understand the high praise everyone always doles out on the Mud Guts and Glory course upon which the OCR World Championships course is built on top of (and added to).”
Read the rest by Paul Buijs at MudandAdventure.com


“They turned the venue into an 8.8 mile course and they put on a TRUE obstacle course. One that featured pretty much everything we love about the sport. From technical and challenging terrain, to unique obstacles, to strength based challenges and fear based challenges. Crossing the finish line of this event reminded me why I love this sport, in a way I’ve not felt in a while. I fear it may have spoiled me …”
Read the rest by Paul Jones at NewEnglandSpahtens.com


“The race was amazing and I couldn’t help but tell the organiser Adrian Bijanada what a fantastic job he had done. The course was hailed as perfect to test the best in the world and crown a champion.” 
Read the rest by Jon Albon at JonathanAlbon.com


“For a moment the brands no longer mattered, race companies banded together, racers from 12 countries ran side-by-side sharing struggles and learning from each other along the way. This weekend truly was a moment in OCR history and a moment where we can all say, “we are one community”. It gives me a renewed hope in OCR and my only hope now is moving forward other race companies will see the benefit to this event for the sport as a whole to continue to grow and prosper.”  Read the rest by Margaret Schlachter at DirtInYourSkirt.com


“The tag line for the OCR World Championships is #OCRUnited. I thought this was cheesy to start, but actually it summed up the event perfectly. The OCR World Championships had united competitors from around the world. The best of the best did battle on this day and it was simply magical for our sport and for our country. I doubt the course or atmosphere will be beaten for a long time, it was really something special.”
Read the rest by Paul Hayward at Run247.com


“The course was one of the toughest terrain that I have ever done. The obstacles were top notch and difficult.  The natural obstacles incorporated some of the nastiest hills, muddiest ravines and rockiest stream beds.  This was definitely not a runners course. There is no description I can give to illustrate the intensity of the 200+ foot slide.” 
Read the rest by Joe Rivera at MudRunFun.com


“The atmosphere, course and overall event were amazing. The energy was bigger and better than at any OCR event. Everyone clearly knew they were part of something very special.”
Read the rest by Sandy Hendrick at MudRunGuide.com


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