Maintaining its position as one of the top innovators in the OCR industry, OCR World Championships announced a brand new addition to its stable of championship races.  The Short Course Championship will be a head-to-head, obstacle-dense, 3K course. The 2016 Short Course Championships will take place on Friday, October 14, 2016. Athletes will be able to compete in one of 3 divisions in each gender: Pro, Competitive, and Masters. All athletes will be required to qualify in order to compete using existing qualification criteria.

So what does this mean?

  • Finally, the sport has a format that doesn’t favor endurance and/or perseverance and will provide some exceptional athletes a better chance at reaching a championship podium.
  • Winning will require speed, agility, skill, and strength.  Unlike other mandatory obstacle completion races – including the ‘regular’ OCR World Championships, perseverance will likely not make a big difference on the podium.  Get through the obstacles fast!
  • This will actually look like a race as the short distance should prevent large leads and big gaps between finishers.  The finish line will be climactic as opposed to mere ceremony.
  • With 3 consecutive days of championship races, recovery will be extremely important for those who want to take on the short course, the ‘regular’ course, and the team race.
  • OCRWC is beginning to feel more and more like an Olympic event!


Official press release from OCRWC can be found here.

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