I have been a huge supporter of OCR World Championships since the very first time Adrian Bijanada shared his vision with me. I like to remind him that many of the most ardent OCRWC fans were skeptical at first, but I have always been behind this idea! As we near the second edition of this championship race weekend in the middle of October, I still believe it is the most special OCR event out there. Here’s why.

1. It is a true international event, attracting some of the most talented obstacle racers in the world. The international aspect is not just marketing, but a true global experience enjoyed by all.

2. It is athlete-focused. So much attention is provided to the athlete experience that you begin to wonder why all races aren’t as good at communicating with athletes, listening to their concerns, and providing an overall experience designed with the racers and their family/friends in mind.

3. Considerable effort is put into making this race balanced in terms of the skillsets needed to be successful. While there is plenty of difficulty to go around, it eschews simply making the race longer, steeper, heavier, or relying on a single type of activity to simply slow the race down. You don’t have to worry about just getting more of the same old stuff because it is an amalgamation of obstacles the world over.

4. Integrity abounds throughout the organization. I’ve witnessed and been privy to enough “happenings” to understand that doing business right is of utmost importance to OCRWC staff. Because of this and #2 above, the excitement levels among attendees is as upbeat and positive as you will see for any event. There is a certain trust level with OCRWC from participants that just doesn’t exist throughout the OCR world.

5. The entire weekend is a celebration of the OCR community. From the special OCR Warrior competition, to the opening dinner with the For Those Who Would OCR Humanitarian Award presentation, to the Sunday team event, to the closing toast at the finish line, this weekend is about us – about ALL athletes, from the hyper elite to the journeyman.

And I didn’t even mention #OCRUnited!

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