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Get off the road, @$$#0!*!

It was early Christmas morning and I was running down a sparsely traveled country road. I was 45 minutes in and at the midpoint of a long straight climb. It had been a peaceful run, having seen 5 cars at the most when I heard one approaching from behind.  I was running on the left shoulder toward […]
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7 reasons why OCRWC is our Olympics

While many in the obstacle racing world look toward a future when OCR might be included as an Olympic Sport, the OCR World Championships is steadily inching toward becoming the sport’s own Olympics.  I will give you 7 reasons why. Racers from 42 different countries are competing this year, giving it the largest and most […]
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Inside the OCR Bubble

Yesterday’s news of Battlefrog’s race cancellations  and new emphasis on television reverberated throughout the OCR world like none other that I can remember. The veiled admission that their current business model was not viable didn’t come as a big surprise, but shockwaves were still felt.  It was like we were all inside a snow bubble and […]
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Not a Review of BattleFrog Louisville

There are now more than enough people writing race reviews and I have no reason to think mine are special. I won’t review the 2016 BattleFrog race in Louisville, which by the way was not in Louisville at all, but I will make a bold statement resulting from my experience.  It’s bold for me, so don’t […]
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Making of a college Battlefrog team

Battlefrog has taken some heat for more than a few of their business decisions, but I am of the opinion that establishing the Battlefrog College Championships (and this year’s additional pro championship) was a good move for everyone.  The super-fast, team relay tournament makes for exciting television and reaches a new and relatively untapped market of […]
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Drowning in the OCR social media wave

Hundreds of Facebook friend requests waiting for approval.  Names are unrecognizable, but supposedly they’re friends with my friends. When I scroll through my Facebook feed it resembles the spinning of a slot machine….a veritable blur of posts until I land on something I actually take time to read. The unique posts are just as rare as winning the slots.  OCR-related blog […]
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Be More Doer than Critic

The OCR community consists of some mighty impressive people accomplishing magnificent feats. We have athletes taking the sport to new heights, people donating to charities, writers crafting inspiring articles, and individuals organizing large teams and enhancing the sense of camaraderie. There are product developers, obstacle designers, trainers, race directors, business men and women, promoters, encouragers, […]
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No Home for the OCR Competitor

I’ve set on this topic long enough. Thanks, John Wall of The Truth Is…There is no Box, for making a comment somewhere on social media that reminded me to finish the draft I started exactly six months ago. Now that national conversation regarding OCR has once again turned to doping, cheating, and prize money (thank you, […]
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What do these symbols of Spartan Race & BattleFrog say to you?

Sports in general is filled with symbols depicting determination, speed, power, honor, victory, pride, etc. as teams and brands use images to weave subtle meanings into the minds of the public.  Obstacle racing is no different and OCR companies take full advantage of social media to send visual messages that become iconic symbols of the brand. To […]
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2016 OCR World Championships: What you need to know right now

Expect the 2016 OCR World Championships to be a fabulous, albeit much different experience.