It was just a matter of time before all my travel and coming up short on my sleep quota caught up to me.  That day was today.  I actually had a decent night’s sleep, but the 3 consecutive weeks when my rest day was spent travelling at obscene hours took its toll. 

Insanity Asylum Strength was on tap for today.  The best way to describe it is through my video here or by simply stating that it consists of an hour of compound exercises with relatively high reps and little reps between sets.  This was the first time in a while in which I had to drop in weight and/or had poor, sloppy form.  I was able to tack on an additional 15 minutes of core work and 25 Jeffees, but the best thing that I can say about today is “I showed up”.

This evening I also took my 2nd swimming class, or as I like to call it, “drowning prevention” class.  I’m getting better  and can swim a little bit, but I’m nowhere near to swimming in water above my head.  It’s crazy how swimming to me is more mental than physical.  I already have the physical part down….it’s just the whole mental issue with breathing (or not).  The one thing I like most about swimming is it gives me some additional core work in a way that I don’t exercise it otherwise. 

Tomorrow is my regularly-scheduled rest day and it couldn’t come any sooner.  It is very apropos that Carrie, aka Shawty Spartan, posted this to the Spartan blog.  I cannot agree more with her.  The majority of my rest/recovery days are spent stretching, but I think I’m going to stretch a little tonight and simply keep my butt in bed tomorrow morning.  That’s awesome!!  I can’t wait to go to bed and it’s going to be very, very soon!  Unless I change my mind, there won’t be a blog post from me tomorrow either as I will also take a recovery day from blogging.