Back to the “real” workouts today.  4:30 came really, really early since I wasn’t able to completely fall asleep until my wife and daughter got home from their trip at 1 a.m.   A little warm-up with 100 jumping jacks and a 2 mile run.  I was only planning on running 1, but changed my mind midstream.  About a quarter mile in I caught a glimpse of something on the sidewalk to my left.  There was a juvenile possum running along with me parallel.  He couldn’t keep up.

Today was primarily hill sprint repeats…a little over a tenth of a mile each.  The first 5 I did consecutively – sprinting up and then a slow jog back down.  Wipe the sweat from my face and go again.  It took me approximately 50 seconds for each sprint and my heart monitor beeped that I’d reached max heart rate within 2 or 3 yards of the finish each time.  There was a small toad who sat on the curb about halfway up the hill and watched the entire time.  There were times that I looked at him as I jogged back down the hill and his little face and eyes seemed to tell me that I wasn’t going fast enough!  After the 5th sprint I had to go back inside for a dry towel and did 10 quick pull-ups. The rest of the workout went as follows:

Hill sprint
1 minute plank
Hill sprint
20 walking lunges with the log overhead
Hill sprint
100 walking lunges (50 uphill, 50 downhill)  Surprisingly the downhill ones were harder than the uphills.
Hll sprint
15 “under the fence pushups”
Hill sprint
10 dumbbell getups with 10 lb weights
20 Swissball dumbbell rotations (20 pounds)
15 hanging crunches
20 Swissball crunches
Quick cool-down and stretch