110% PlayHarder katalyst 110%PlayHarder provided their Playmakers with their brand new Katalyst shirt (and I’m really happy about that, by the way).  This is another one of those products in which I didn’t quite know what I was getting.  It’s a performance garment, but unlike any other that I’ve ever worn.  To be forthright, I’m still not completely sure why it is different, but it just is.  It is by far the most comfortable “compression-like” shirt I have ever put on my body.  To the touch, it has a feel of luxury.  It is tight, but not binding.  Did I mention how soft and supple it is?  The first time I wore it was for a pre-dawn run with a temperature hovering around 55 degrees.  The shirt was warm as I stepped out into the cool air, but as my body temp started rising running up those stinkin’ hills, the shirt somehow switched to a coolant.  The wicking properties of the shirt is fantastic.  One other interesting aspect of the shirt is that it is seamless and can be cut/trimmed any way you want it without any fraying or curling.  I trimmed mine to be sleeveless, with my original intentions to wear this as a racing shirt.  However, I’ve since changed my mind.  It is just too nice of a garment for that and I have deemed it my “go-to” training shirt.  It is a little pricier than comparable shirts , but this is definitely a case of ‘you get what you pay for’.  I’m disappointed that I can’t do a better job describing how the Katalyst is not your normal workout/racing shirt, but take a look at the website for more information. Pay close attention to all of the close-up photos that provide the details on how exquisite this garment really is.

110%PlayHarder Katalyst

Disclosure: Yes, I am a sponsored 110%PlayHarder PlayMaker, so of course I’m not going to give a bad review of any products they provide me.  That would just be crazy.  HOWEVER, I will never give a false positive review.  That’s just not how I roll and  if I don’t like a free product, I simply would not write about it at all.  It is the 110%Truth (how clever was that!) that I love this garment and every other product of theirs that I have tried.  That’s why you see me wearing their stuff all the time!

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