2016 OCR World Championships: What you need to know right now

It’s more than 11 months away, but here is what you need to know right now about year 3 of the OCR World Championships.

  1. Blue Mountain Resort in Ontario, Canada will play host. It is located 90 miles north of Toronto.
  2. Reserve October 15 and 16 on your calendar for the races.  While you’re at it, mark off a few days before.
  3. It is a one-year commitment.  OCRWC and the venue will evaluate the experience to determine if it will remain there in 2017.
  4. Average high temp in October is 50 degrees. Average low is 32.  The 11% who love the cold can now rejoice.  The remaining 89% groans.
  5. Numerous lodging options and restaurants make this a family-friendly destination. Check the OCRWC site for preferred accommodations.
  6. OCRWC has partnered with 365 Sports to enhance the athlete experience.
  7. More information regarding the 3 race distances will come later.
  8. Early Vegas betting favorites: Jon Albon & Ryan Atkins for the men; Lindsay Webster & Amelia Boone for the women

Official press release and more information can be found here.


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