Spartan RaceIf nothing else, Spartan Race is always making news.  Things change and they change quickly.  In case you ‘ve been sleeping through all of the recent announcements, let me catch you up.



Annual Race Pass

New year.  New type of season pass.  The price is $550 (if you have an existing pass you can take $100 off that price). In addition to the potential for saving money when participating in multiple races, the pass comes with other new perks this year such as free bag checks, travel discounts, etc.  As always, there are stipulations so read the rules.


2015 Spartan World Championship leaves Vermont

In a somewhat surprising move, Spartan has forsaken its holy land by moving the 2015 World Championship to Lake Tahoe in early October.  There will still be a Vermont Beast for those who have left parts of their soul in Killington and want to retrieve it.  Another twist to the 2015 Spartan World Championship is that entry to the elite race is limited to those who have a Spartan “coin” to cash.   For more info on the new venue, read this.


Spartan Cruise

March 6-9, 2015, Spartan racers will be boarding a cruise ship in Miami and set sail for the Bahamas.  Prize money, parties, speakers, and a special Spartan Sprint await.  Visit to learn more and sign up.


“Spartan Up!” the podcast

Join Spartan Race founder & CEO, Joe DeSena, as he travels around the world exploring what it means to “Spartan up!” in all aspects of life.  Gain insight into what authors, athletes, academics and adventurers do to get and stay on top.  Sign up here.


Spartan News

It has been under redesign for awhile, but in case you have missed the Spartan blog, it is now Spartan News and has expanded its coverage of all things Spartan Race.