Spartan Kids RaceThere is a story of a motivated, intelligent, talented, and accomplished high school athlete who had the world in his hands.  He seemingly had the life of which every high schooler dreams.  At least he did until he started college, and for the first time in his life, encountered academic difficulties and struggled to perform on the athletic field.  Before the end of his first semester, he mentally broke down, quit the team, and dropped out of college.  He simply could not handle the adversity, which he had never faced before.  If you have read Joe De Sena’s book, “Spartan Up”, you understand that the entire Spartan Race philosophy is built upon people battling through challenges and difficult circumstances.  It is easy enough as an adult to adopt that philosophy if you so choose, but if you’re a parent like me, you probably want your children to adopt the same attitude and gritty perseverance through life.  Imagine the sheer power this country would possess if we all raised our children to be Spartan tough!

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