Another year of obstacle racing has passed, leaving a big dust trail of stories behind it.  It was a year of world championships and record numbers of competitors.  The sport frequently found itself the subject of online article and blog posts and here is the third annual compilation of must-read posts from the year.  A few of these are editor selections, but most of them were nominated by racers/readers across the world.  Numerous other outstanding posts did not make it on here, but there are limits to everything – including this list.  These posts are enlightening, informative, controversial, heart-warming, inspiring, funny, thought-provoking, or some other adjective describing something you would like to read.  You don’t necessarily have to agree with every post.  I don’t.  Not every post is for every reader, but there is something for everyone; from newbies to veterans, males to females, and weekend warriors to elites.  Do not try to interpret the order in which they are listed.  It was random.  Enjoy!


On being broken, rehab and recovery
by Amelia Boone @ Race Ipsa Loquitur

Obstacle racing in perspective
by Jeff Cain @ On My Way To Sparta

OCR World Championships: Junyong Pak’s take
by Junyong Pak @ Mud Run Guide

Is Spartan Race crushing OCR competition?
by Brett Stewart @Mud Run Guide

Too much too soon: The culture of doing it all now
by Margaret Schlachter @ Dirt in Your Skirt

2014 Spartan Race World Championship (Vermont Spartan Beast) – analysis of distance, elevation and difficulty
by Ekaterina Solovieva & Alec Blenis @ Solo: The Obstacle Racer Next Door

An open letter to Spartan racers: Leave no Trace
by Heather Gannoe @ Relentless Forward Commotion

Compete, don’t cheat
by Holly Joy Berkey @ Muddy Mommy

Dear race directors…some harsh truths
by Paul Jones @ New England Spahtens

Does Battlefrog now make it “The Big Four”?
by Matt B. Davis @ Obstacle Racing Media

Resources and tips for obstacle racing kids!
by Leslie St. Louis @ Colorado Obstacle Racers

OCR Pseudoscience
by David Kalal @ Obstacle Racing Media

Overcoming obstacles: The inspiring weight loss story of Gaby Martinez
by Matt Alesevich @ Tough Mudder

Ultra Beast and other demon speak
by James Horgan @ New England Spahtens

Cornfed chronicles
by Kaitlin Stein @ Obstacle Racing Media

Are you elite? Then shut the #$^& up!
by LaShay Marks @ Mud Run Guide

The pressure of perfection: Surviving in a Photoshop world
by Holly Joy Berkey @ Spartan Race

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