Reebok All-Terrain Super OR Review

stretchThe weather broke and I suddenly found a Saturday with prime trail running conditions.  I pulled on my 110% PlayHarder compression socks and the brand new Reebok All-Terrain Super ORs and headed to Raven Run.  There are things I like about most of the major OCR shoe brands, but you may already know that I am fond of the Reebok line of OCR shoes, particularly for shorter races.  They’ve had their share of criticism (some more fair than others), but after a couple of years I have not had a single issue with any model.  After 1.5 hours of rocks, streams, mud, and muck at Raven Run I don’t think I will have any issues with their newest edition.


previous Super vs new Super OR

The first thing I noticed  was the new speed-lacing system.  I like that design, but the absence of a built-in pocket to stuff the lacing left me wondering what the heck I was supposed to do with the remaining lace.  Someone probably needs to teach me the right approach. Whether I was supposed to or not, I just weaved them back into the other lacing and it seemed to work okay.  I am pleased that they retained the water drainage holes and the grips of the instep – 2 of the features that make them most suitable for obstacle racing.  My test runs confirmed they still expel water quickly and have outstanding grip on muddy uphill climbs.  In case you’re wandering, the lugs are identical to previous models. The one other thing I noticed is that this pair seemed to run slightly larger than previous models.  I usually wear a size 11, but had to drop down to a 10.5 in the new ORs.

My first assessment of these neon iguana beauties is that (minus the lacing and tongue) they are extremely similar to the previous version.  If you have a wide foot or find that you go through shoes quickly, then this may or may not be the one for you. I can’t attest to durability beyond my own experiences, but they are not built to withstand all forms of torture.  If you have a regular or narrow foot, don’t need support, like a small heel-toe drop (5mm), want something lightweight that grips and sheds water quickly then you could quite possibly fall in love with the Reebok All Terrain Super OR obstacle racing shoes.



Disclaimer: Reebok sent me the shoes to test.  There was no request or obligation to provide a favorable review.  Yes, I understand the persuasion principle of reciprocity and these opinions are the same as if I would have paid for them myself.






  1. I totally agree! I’ve had my first pair for a month and have been using them for technical trail runs. The lugs have let me run over ice and mud and trees and snowy bits without any problem. The only condition that the shoes don’t excel in is slick rock. (This is in comparison to my old LaSportiva Exum Ridge, but it’s not really a fair comparison. The Exum Ridge were for technical scrambling after all 😉

  2. Hi, do you find these run true to size compared to other Reebok trainers? OR because of the narrow nature are you better to go up a size?

    • I’m not sure if going up a size will help all that much with the width. For this pair in particular, I actually dropped back down a 1/2 size to what I normally wear with other shoes. I would like to be able to advise you on what is best for you, but it would be pure speculation on my part. Sorry.

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