Salming Elements – newest entrant into the OCR shoe market?

  In 2011, it was a struggle to find a good shoe for obstacle racing, but fast forward to 2016 and several great options are available. That list of options has grown once again with the addition of Salming Elements. The Swedish company has developed a shoe that meets all the major criteria for great obstacle racing footwear.  Most importantly, the Elements grip like a demon and … Continue reading Salming Elements – newest entrant into the OCR shoe market?

Reebok All-Terrain Super OR Review

The weather broke and I suddenly found a Saturday with prime trail running conditions.  I pulled on my 110% PlayHarder compression socks and the brand new Reebok All-Terrain Super ORs and headed to Raven Run.  There are things I like about most of the major OCR shoe brands, but you may already know that I am fond of the Reebok line of OCR shoes, particularly … Continue reading Reebok All-Terrain Super OR Review

Reebok Super 2.0 OCR Shoe Review

After training in them for a few weeks, my first racing action in the new Reebok All Terrain Super 2.0 was the Cincinnati Battlefrog – what some are calling the most difficult regular season obstacle race of 2015.  Aside from that one instance during the jerrycan carry in which I buried my legs calf deep in shoe-sucking mud, I didn’t give my shoes a single thought.  I didn’t think about traction.  … Continue reading Reebok Super 2.0 OCR Shoe Review

Reebok All Terrain Thunder Review

As a cousin to the Reebok All Terrain OCR shoe, the Thunder has some family resemblances, but differs in several characteristics. The distinctive bright colors invite comments from everyone who catches a glimpse. If you like attention-getters, these will do it for you. The shoes aren’t super heavy, weighing in at 11.4 oz for men and 8.8 oz for women. A few jaunts in the stream … Continue reading Reebok All Terrain Thunder Review

Icebug Spirit 4 olx Review

I finally relented and gave the most talked about new shoe company in OCR (Icebug) a chance.  After browsing through the plethora of models that Icebug offered, I realized I needed assistance in choosing the right model for me.  My racing friend, Rob Butler, known to many as the devilish designer of Shale Hill Training Center referred me to his wife Jill, who operates their official … Continue reading Icebug Spirit 4 olx Review

Re-review of Reebok Super OCR Shoe

My  Reebok Supers have now been battle-tested in 2 pretty difficult races (Indiana Spartan Sprint and Mud Guts & Glory).  As promised, I have more to add to my initial reactions.  I’ve read virtually every web review and comment about these shoes, so this review will touch upon what have been issues for some. Sand/silt in the shoes I have not encountered this problem (yet).  … Continue reading Re-review of Reebok Super OCR Shoe

Salomon Fellraiser Review

I now own a pair of Salomon Fellraisers.  If nothing else, the shoe’s name is cool as heck.  Salomon describes the shoe as designed for ground feel, mud/snow grip, & to be lightweight.  Sounds good! My first thoughts out of the box were “thank goodness they are green instead of red” and “these puppies have some serious tread”.  The tread is in large chevron patterns and even more … Continue reading Salomon Fellraiser Review