I have raced in every single Mud Guts & Glory event since its inception, but for medical reasons, this time I was relegated to spectator status and spent the entire day at the finish line or milling around the festival area.  It provided me a different, albeit a more complete picture of what is still one of the best OCR events in the country.

While I wasn’t thinking about this article at the time, I can recall several snippets of conversations throughout the day that typifies the event, the people, and the course.

“I’m finally finished.  Somebody get me some food!”

“This race was more uphill than downhill.”

“That was really fun!  I want to do the 10k next time.”

“This is such a special place for a race.”

“There was some really strong competition here today!”

“The people here are so nice.”

“I think I’m gonna puke.”

“This course is the perfect combination of fun and challenge.  Anyone can complete the 5K, but it is still a difficult race for the elites.”

“That was such an amazing course!”

“You’re going to have to carry me to the car.  I don’t think my legs can do it.”


The trouble started here

But, without a doubt, my favorite quote of the day came from my 12-year-old daughter who was debuting in a legitimate adult obstacle race.  She had just started down the very challenging “monkey business” obstacle, when she had her first experience with cramps. “My leg is cramping!  What do I do?” she said with obvious pain on her face. “You can try to shake it out or rest it on the bar” I told her.  “It’s not working!” as the pain intensified and fear of falling from a considerable height took over.  Sensing the fear I told her she could climb on down the monkey bars closer to the ground/water and drop.  Without hesitation, her eyes steeled as she calmly, but firmly told me.  “I’m not doing that.”  Then away she went, struggling her way down and back up the most failable obstacle on the course.


It was then that I knew I had myself an obstacle racer – a competitor who was not willing to give up at the first sign of trouble.  #proud

Footnote: Final race results were posted and my daughter finished 5th overall female (out of 69) in the 5K competition.  #BigSmileOnMyFace