I love my Saturday workouts.  They are always strength days and it is the one day I have time to eat breakfast and be fully awake when I begin.  P90X Back & Biceps was on the schedule.  For those of you who don’t know what that workout is, it is essentially 24 sets of circuit-like training targetting of course, the back and biceps.  I followed that with the 20 minutes killer abs routine, which is about 20 sets of 20 reps each, with the finisher being 40 Russian Twists with feet off the ground. 

Pre-Spartan training, that would have been the end of the workout, but this is serious business so there was more to do.  I added 5 more sets of core exercises (hanging, stability ball, and some floor exercises).  Finally, I capped it off with 50 burpees.  I had never done that many burpees before, but the Spartan Races seem to tout these highly so I guess I had better get used to them.  The entire workout took around 1 hour and forty-five minutes.  Once again the recovery drink was fabulous!