Salming Miles

I’m all in on Salming.


My love of the company started with a test run and review of what was to become my favorite obstacle racing shoe, Salming Elements.  Then I tested the Salming Trail 5s and now they are my go-to trail running wear.

When it came time to replace my road running (blech) shoes, I purchased a pair of Salming Miles because, well because I like the other shoes, so why not give these a shot.  Verdict: Fantastic shoe!  Even though I do all the “right things” with regard to mileage, recovery, training, nutrition, yoga, etc. I have consistently struggled with knee, hip, and ankle injuries/irritations when running more than a few miles on pavement. That hasn’t happened recently.  I won’t go so far as to credit elimination of those injuries to the Salming Miles, but there is a strong positive correlation.

Someone asked me what I liked most about the shoes and after thinking about it, I concluded that it is the combination of good stability, light weight (11.5 oz), and minimal drop (4 mm.) The shoe just “feels good” when I’m forced to run on roads and sidewalks.

“The purpose of the Salming Miles running shoe is to add a more cushioned shoe without compromising the Salming concept and principles. It is built to stand the tear and wear of long distance asphalt and tarmac running.”

If you want to know how much I love these shoes, maybe this following piece of information will help.  These shoes should last me several more months, but I went ahead and purchased a second pair. Yep, 2 pairs. One of which I won’t place on my feet for a long time.

Note: Although Salming provided me pairs of Elements and Trail T5s to test, I purchased and reviewed the Salming Miles of my own volition.

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