Now, I’ve done it.  Really done it.  This is not your ordinary, run of the mill, “I’ve done it”.  This is a what were you thinking, you’ve lost your mind, now you’ve really gone and done it kind of “done it”!!

Picture this…A marathon.  On trails.  Some of which aren’t even trails.  On a mountain.  A steep, tall mountain.  With obstacles thrown in.  Lots of obstacles!  Very difficult obstacles like carrying 50 pound sand bags.  Oh yeah, and it is primarily self-supported…meaning only 1 water/aid station.

I have said many times over that I have no interest in running a marathon or even a half-marathon.  Sure, they are great physical accomplishments, but honestly, the mere thought of running up and down a road for whatever period of time it would take me induces my mind and body into a complete state of boredom.  Then Spartan Race comes along and creates the first obstacle race marathon.  The Spartan Ultra Beast Race.  No boredom there!  None. Nada. Zippo.  When the announcement was made a couple of weeks ago, I hesitated a few hours before sending in my application.  Yes, there was an application process.  Although there was that delay, I knew in the back of my mind without a doubt that I was going to submit, no matter how many different ways my cognitive side tried to convince me that this was a bad idea.  By the end of the day, my application was in and hence the nights of fitful sleeping began.  More than a few nights, I couldn’t go to sleep pondering whether or not I would be invited to run this monumental race.

I received word today via email that I was indeed invited!  Now my nights will be filled with tremors and nightmares about what is in store for me in September.  Right now, I can hardly envision the amount of training that I have in store for me.  For one, I have a tremendous amount of running to do.  The most I have ever run during training was 12 miles and that was right before last year’s Beast.  The 2011 Beast itself still stands as the longest distance my feet have travelled on their own accord.  I’ll leave you with this email excerpt, which has set me on another life-changing path.  There will definitely be more to follow.  The ante has been upped!



Congratulations, your Spartan Ultra Beast application has been reviewed and you are being invited to register for the World’s First Marathon Distance Obstacle race to take place on September 22, 2012.  You are a part of obstacle racing history.  There is NO other event of this type anywhere in the world.  The field will be limited to a small, extreme group of athletes and you are part of a select few invited to take part.

The Ultra Beast will be the ultimate challenge and will require dedicated training, and an understanding of self-support as only ONE water station will be available on course.  Finishers will have to be strong, durable, mentally tough, and prepared to take on the challenge of the Vermont Mountains.  It will not be easy but this is a Spartan Race, so easy isn’t what you were looking for. 

Good luck.  Welcome to the Ultra Beast.