Early this morning while on a training run under dreary, rain-producing clouds, my mind pondered why I was putting myself through this.   I have made it clear that I do not consider myself a runner because I am not a fan of running for running’s sake.  I also really don’t care anything about running in the rain with blurred vision as my contacts float around my eyes.  HOWEVER, I thought of the millions of people who would be thrilled to have either 1) the physical ability to run, 2) the freedom to run without fear of physical harm to me or my family while I was running, or 3) the life-sustaining force of rain.  There I was with all three and grumbling to myself about it.  With the newfound perspective (actually, it’s not new.  I’ve had this perspective before, but lost it) I spread my arms, looked toward the heavens, soaked in my blessings (pun intended), and thanked God for all three.  I’m a little embarrassed to say that I had forgotten that I really do appreciate running in the rain.  #Blessed