Life sometimes get in the way of workouts so you adjust.  I’m leaving for a trip to San Antonio at the end of the week and the 6 a.m. flight out really screwed with my schedule.  That is supposed to be my long run day and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do very well if I had to get up at 2:30 to get it in.  Therefore, I altered my schedule by pushing the rest day until Friday.  That means the routines leading up to Fri were thrown off kilter.  I pondered long and hard on what workout to do right after Gameday and right before a difficult strength and then running day.  P90X Ab Ripper X2 – Core Killer was the winner.  40 minutes of floor core exercise was a great workout while still letting my legs, arms, chest, back & shoulders recover.  My glutes are still sore and it felt like I had rocks in my pocket when I did the rolling oblique crunches.    I couldn’t resist my gnarly log, so I threw in 20 squat and reaches with it to finish off the workout.  My 2 toughest days of the week now await me!