Normally today would have been a rest/stretch day for me, but because of the upcoming trip I delayed that until Friday.  During the workout, I was fatigued…one of my lowest energy days yet.  I was determined to workout hard and long, so after P90X chest, shoulders & triceps, I knocked out 50 burpees, some hanging ab crunches, and 20 lying leg lifts.  Because of the focus on core yesterday, I went very light on the abs/core.  Took a minute to catch my breath and then grabbed my gnarly log and took off jogging for the top of the hill.  The jogging didn’t last long.  I wasn’t even out of my own yard when I had to slow to a fast walk.  As I made my way to the top of the hill (and it was only a tenth of a mile), the Killington Beast demons crept into my mind telling me that I shouldn’t even try the Spartan Beast because I will hate every minute of it.  I made it to the top and did 10 throws and pickups of my log.  I breathed a couple of times really hard, picked it up and carried it over my head back down the hill to my house. Shewww!  Not my best day.