I’m going to be honest.  Reading about someone else’s workouts can be a little (or a lot) boring unless something else interesting is added.  Because of that I’m going to spare you the pain.  The last two days of workouts have been on the boringest side of boring.  I pushed my rest/stretch day to Thursday again because of a 5:50 a.m. flight back home.  I had to move my upper body workout up a day to Wednesday.  Really, there was nothing fascinating about either day.  Wednesday was a bunch of push-ups and dumbbell exercises  followed by core and, as is now custom to my new routine, I threw in 53 (yes, 1 more than the last time) burpees at the end.  Once again I struggled with the workout because of being up late the night before for the conference banquet.  I am soooooo glad to be back home where I have much better control over bedtimes and meals.  I have high hopes for getting in bed early tonight.  I absolutely have to get some rest because tomorrow is the dreaded long run day.  Uggghh!  It will be the 5th straight Friday in which I will have run the longest distance in my life.