My Signature Spartan Training “Move”

For awhile now I have been fascinated with all the different things that Spartan racers do to prepare themselves for the races. Honestly, some of the routines and exercises are borderline absurb….that is until you actually get caught up in the movement. Then the mission becomes to push yourself as hard as you can and try to achieve new levels of personal fitness feats. Burpees are standard Spartan exercises, as are trail runs, as are hill sprint repeats. Other exercises have been adopted by individuals and a “personal” relationship, a bond, is formed between them and their particular form of physical torture. For example, Margaret Schlachter has her rock that she throws around. Carrie Adams has her crazy sand bags. MScaredOfMe has her…well, I don’t know exactly what her thing is, but she is going to find it soon I’m sure.

I found a gnarly log during my Beast training and it is great, but we just don’t seem to have that special connection. When you think of the log, you don’t necessarily think of me. While we’re still close and will remain great training friends, I need to move on. I have known that there is some crazy exercise out there waiting for me and would become a staple part of my training for years to come. I’m happy to say that I have finally determined what my signature move is! This is the move that defines the extreme training that one will go through to become a Spartan. The disclaimer is that I may or may not have been the first person to do this, but I’m claiming it as mine.  Obviously it has taken awhile for this move to develop. It started at the end of Beast training. Actually I should say the end of 2011 Beast training because there are more Beasts in my future. My routine changed post-Beast when I tried to get back to more traditional strength building so the move was temporarily cast aside. It wasn’t until this week when I have been struggling with finding workouts that challenged me, but didn’t aggravate the injuries that I’m trying to heal. When this came to mind, I immediately knew that this was “the one”… the one move that will have my stamp on it. That move has been named “the Honey Badger Crawl”. The Honey Badger Crawl is as simple as its name. It can be an extremely difficult move or it can be simply a warm-up or cool-down move. The level of severity all depends on the distance you choose. Let me describe it to you. The Honey Badger Crawl is what some would call a bear crawl, except the Honey Badger Crawl is backwards, and up a hill, and preferably with a weighted vest! Why would a Honey Badger crawl backwards up a hill with additional weight strapped to its back….??? Because Honey Badger Don’t Care! Google that phrase if you’re confused.

I might write about this in another post, but I did it this morning before my regular workout. I donned my 20 pound vest and performed 6 sets of crawls up my street. They ranged in length from 40 feet to around 50 yards. The long ones get really tough and the faster you try to go the harder they become. More on this later, but let it now be known what Jeff Cain’s official Spartan move is.



  1. […] Now that you know that, let me tell you about my general approach to training. I typically aim for 3 strength and ab/core workouts per week, 2 “cardio” days that include either running or plyometrics, 1 day of yoga, and another day of rest/stretching/active recovery.  My workout routine is based on the P90X calendar and it has worked very well for me thus far.  My strength days consist of focused workouts alternating between the major muscle groups of chest, back, shoulders, arms, and legs.  It’s your standard fare of push-ups, pull-ups, and free weights.  My cardio days are usually P90X Plyometrics, Insanity, or Insanity Asylum workouts and/or running.  The yoga and rest/stretch days are there to keep my body flexible and resistant to injury…very important to someone who is 41 and just slightly less stiff than a broom handle.  Depending on how close I am to races, I will also add bonuses to my workouts such as burpees at the very end, carrying and throwing a log, or even my favorite patented honey badger crawls. […]

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