Yes, the title says it all. Trying to nurse a stress fracture in my foot and a sore arm/shoulder is driving me crazy. I really want to be pushing myself hard so that I can breeze through the Warrior Dash next weekend and really compete at the Midwest Spartan Sprint. Instead, I’m relegated to yoga, stretching, and ab exercises. I haven’t even been able to ride my bike the last few days because of the incessant rain. It doesn’t do enough for me to endure the soaking that comes from it. I especially don’t like standing in a warrior 2 yoga pose while watching my wife bust out power jumps just a few feet away from me. Yes, I know that the yoga is doing me good, but it sure doesn’t feel like I’m getting faster and stronger! What’s more I can still feel the pain in my foot and arm, so I’m not completely sure that this non-activity is even helping That’s enough venting. One more week of this and I’m running in the Warrior Dash regardless!