Another race in Kentucky!! I’ve lamented often about the dearth of obstacle races in my area.  The cost of airfare, rental cars, and hotels add up quickly when forced to travel across the country for races.  Thanks to Google Ads, I discovered a new race in Louisville, KY for next weekend.  The Kentucky Stampede is described on the website as “Crazy, memorable and most of all, just plain fun. That’s what The Stampede will bring to Louisville, KY.  From young to old, participants from throughout the region will converge for this inaugural event of The Stampede series. The Stampede is a cross between a 5k road race, military style obstacle course, cross country race and mud run. All that equals is good ol’ down and dirty fun.”Image

Sounds like something that I love to do, so I signed up immediately!  I don’t expect it to be Spartan difficult, but I will make it difficult by pushing myself to the limits to finish the race with the fastest time possible.  Here’s hoping that my knee bursitis subsides so that I can actually do that.  I don’t like going into races with injuries, especially if there is a chance that my time will be severely hampered.  Nonetheless, barring a prohibition by my physical therapist, I’ll be there with my X-Talons on and ready to fly!

For my Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio friends……Consider joining my wife and me there.  It will be fun!  I can’t wait!