Have you ever bitten into a piece of food and just known that it is good for you.  That, along with a rush of gooey yummy tastefulness, is exactly what I experienced when I took my first bite of Simple Granola.  One of my Spartan Facebook friends suggested that I try it and sent me some samples.  I’m not the kind of person to just eat something because somebody says I should.  However, I did my research by visiting the website of the manufacturer and discovered that the ingredients were all natural.  I actually recognized all the ingredients and none of them were sugar, partially hydrogenated oil, or wheat flour.  After I saw that, I eagerly awaited the arrival of my samples.  They came yesterday and it was all I could do to not tear into the packet and start eating, but it was not the time for me to consume ‘energy’ food.  I held out until before my 2nd workout of the day.  It’s 1 week before my first race of the season, so I’ve stepped the training up a couple of notches and I need that extra dose of energy.

I was given three samples (Simple Granola, Simple Granola Chocolate Chip, and Simple Fuel meal replacement).  As soon as I ate the first Simple Granola sample, I had to try the chocolate chip version.  It was just as good and I immediately knew that I would be consuming more of these in the future.  As for the meal replacement drink, well, anyone who knows me, also knows that the last thing I need to be doing is replacing meals.  However, after I examined the nutritional info, I realized that if I blended a banana in with it would roughly approximate the carb:protein ratio for a recovery drink.  Perfect!!  I went downstairs for my warm-up exercises and then ran 43 laps up (and back down) my staircase for time.  Cool down.  Stretch.  Rumble Rolling.  Now it was time for the Simple Fuel.  I never have high hopes for protein and other healthy drinks.  Generally, I just don’t like the taste.  I was pleasantly surprised that the Simple Fuel blended with ice, a banana, and almond milk was quite the tasty refreshment.

A little more about the company that makes these products.  You can of course visit the website and read this yourself, but the company was started by a woman who decided it was time to commit to a healthy lifestyle.  Changes in nutrition were vital and the foods that she now produces and sells were part of that transition.  The replacement drink would be excellent for someone who needs to replace the unhealthy calories from lunches at McDonalds or Hardees.  Exchanging the processed ingredients, saturated fats, and simple carbohydrates for the all-natural ‘super food’ blends is a start at becoming the healthy person you want to be.  The Simple Granola is not a bedtime snack.  It is an energy food…to be consumed during or close to times of high energy expenditure.  The literature I received with the Granola states “Simple Brandz, Inc Signature Simple Granola is a nutritious packed ball of ‘All Natural Power Food’ for the driven health enthusiast, fitness guru, on the go person and those seeking to have a healthier, simple lifestyle reaping the nutritional benefits of our products’“.  Well-stated and just the type of food that I want to be consuming….and I will be consuming.  Give it a try.  I bet you will like it.  If you want to know more about the products that what I have told you, I’m sure that Chris Irving can answer them for you.  Just send him a message.

image from http://www.simplefuel.com