Race day approacheth

Boarding pass: check

Rental car confirmation: check

Hotel confirmation: check

Death & dismemberment waiver signed: uhh check

Inov-8 X-talons: check

Smart wool racing socks: check

Compression shorts: check

Racing shorts: check

Dri fit racing shirt: check

Tetanus shot: keep forgetting to do that

GU gels: check

Chia seeds: check

UK eye-black: check

Sunscreen: AAAAGGHH! Forgot about that. I don’t think about sunscreen in February.

Kind bars, fruit, and nuts: check

Post-race jacket: check

Racing attitude: still working on that one

Camera: check

Anticipation of injury: check

Excitement of making new racing friends: check

Tinge of anxiety: check

My first race of the year and my first ever Super Spartan race is Saturday and it promises to be the 2nd most difficult race of my life. Someone asked me if I was ready for it. At this point, it doesn’t matter because there’s not a lot I can do about it. I’m anxious about the race, but not anxious enough. It worries me a little that I’m not more scared than I am right now. I know this is going to be difficult; really, really difficult, but I also know that I’m still underestimating it. I’ll probably have nightmares tonight that I’ve shown up at the race without my shoes or worse, without my clothes. Maybe, I’ll dream that I got stuck in the mud or contracted tetanus from another barbed wire gash. More than likely, the nightmare will be that I’m just super slow and I’ll watch in agony as everybody passes me. Oh well. I’ve signed up. I’ll show up. I won’t give up. I plan on coming home with my shield and not on it. AROO!


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