It’s time.  Time to get back to the long, focused workouts to prepare me for the remainder of the 2012 racing season.  After several visits (I lost count) to Hands on Healing Chiropractic for Active Release Therapy, my shoulder is feeling better.  It’s not healed, but probably around 80%.  I’m working the shoulder exercises back in and I’ll soon know if I have to scale back again or not.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Today was perfect for a training day.  I got a great night’s sleep, had absolutely nowhere to be, and my girls were out of the house until mid-afternoon.  It will be a few weeks before I dial-in to race-specific training, so I’m concentrating on more whole-body type stuff until then.  I started out today with P90X2 Base & Back.  That is a brutal workout that alternates between 20 sets of pull-ups and plyometrics.  My heart rate didn’t dip below 125 for that entire hour.  I followed that with P90X2 Ab Ripper X2.  I then went to one of my favorites: Insanity Asylum Overtime.  There might be someone out there who can go all out for this 15 minute killer, but I do not know who that is.  I took advantage of the sunny, 45 degrees weather to go for a 1 mile run with a 28 pound sandbag.  I followed that with 2 hill sprints with body weight squats in between.  I would have liked to get more running in, but I have a spot the size of a quarter on the bottom of left foot without any skin.  That was the result of a bad decision to play basketball following a bootcamp.  I’ll spare you the details.  Time for the recovery drink!

I’m extra sensitive to stretching and flexibility and am now devoting more time for my body to heal and recover.  I cooled down and stretched with Tony Horton’s Ho Ala ke Kino yoga.  Then on to 15 minutes of the Rumble Roller.  Finally, I finished with a few minutes of balance walks on the sides of 2 x 4s.  I have yet to conquer that obstacle, so I will be working on that the next few months.