Since my injuries started arriving en masse 2 months ago, the one race (besides the Ultra Beast) that has been on my mind is the Utah Spartan Beast.  Twelve plus miles on a mountain with 25 obstacles is not easy.  It’s even harder when injured.  I still haven’t made up my mind yet whether or not I’m healed enough to race.  My physician and chiropractor didn’t say “no”, but they didn’t give me a resounding endorsement either.  The decision is mine and mine alone to make.  This has been somewhat mildly torturous because I’m analytical by nature and like to weigh all information when making a decision.  I’ve decided to document reasons why I should and should not run the race on Saturday.  You can try to guess what I’ll do.

Reasons I should not:

  • I have not run in 6 weeks
  • I have had very little cardio workouts in 6 weeks
  • I still have slight pain in my first metatarsal – meaning that healing is not 100% complete
  • My right knee still has a little swellling.  My sports medical team are in debate whether it is knee bursitis or strained LCL and MCL
  • This is not a “work your way back into running” race
  • It’s going to be at or near 100 degrees
  • It’s going to be a difficult race
  • I have not been able to work on leg strength in 5 weeks
  • I stand a chance at injuring myself further

Reasons I should:

  • I want to!
  • I’m currently 44th out of 46,220 in the world Spartan Race points series.  This race could potentially move me further towards the front.
  • I need this race to gauge my weaknesses for the Ultra Beast in September
  • I’ve outlaid a decent amount of cash on this trip
  • I have done everything possible to heal as quickly as I can
  • I learned last week at the KY Warrior Dash how difficult it is to sit out and watch everyone else compete.  This would be much worse.
  • Perhaps my injuries have healed enough
  • I will be one of only a few people that have run in all the Spartan Beast races to date…something which I hope to continue through October