I told myself and everyone else that my racing season ended in Vermont.  Hobbled all year with a swollen knee, stress reaction in foot, and/or rotator cuff tendonitis, my body needs lots of time off to be competitive in 2013.  My plan was to do only yoga for several weeks and then re-evaluate all the injuries.  The plan was going well, until earlier this week when unexpectedly the racing bug bit a big old chunk out of me.  It didn’t help as I followed all the FB chatter regarding the race.  I’ve battled all week with myself on whether to stay home with my family and continue healing or head to South Carolina for the Beast.   One more race.  Just one more before I put away the gear for awhile.  One more race before the full recovery process.  One more risk.  One more challenge.   One more time while I still can.  This one is for all those who would willingly and excitedly do this, if not prevented by unfortunate accidents, illnesses, or injury.  See you in South Carolina!

Jeff Cain - 2011 Vermont Spartan Beast - onmywaytosparta.com