Obstacle Racing Magazine

We rush out to buy Outside Magazine because of the Tough Mudder article.  Links to online news stories about obstacle racing speed through the Twitterverse.  When a new race joins the scene, it is shared across Facebook with the same fervor as digs at presidential candidates as one of those asinine memes.  Obstacle racers’ appetites for news, tips, and reviews can’t seem to be satiated.  Outside and Trail Runner mags are fabulous, but they leave us wanting more; more of the down and dirty (pun intended) of this growing sport.  Relief is on the way!  Obstacle Racing Magazine is scheduled to debut in December 2012!

I recently had a digital conversation of Adam McDonald from Search4Hurt.com and he shared some thoughts and answered questions pertaining to it.

Where did the idea for a magazine devoted to OCR originate?

“When I was trying to get information on the events for Search4hurt I discovered there was not a lot of media around them.  So we thought a magazine would be great initially as we haven’t been able to find a publication anywhere in the world.”

What can readers expect to find in the magazine?

  • “Latest news and gossip around all things OCR.
  • Calender of events worldwide.
  • Interest pieces such as Women in OCR and OCR programs hitting schools.
  • Race reviews and interviews with Race organisers to know what’s in store for the scene.
  • Race results and athlete interviews.
  • Interviews with OCR clubs, training facilities and trainers with OCR specific programs.
  •  Gear reviews and hopefully a lot of giveaways from product companies.
  • Diet and Nutrition tips for all levels of racing.
  • How to features, where we ask the fast guys the best way to get over specific obstacles efficiently.
  • Following the movement to try and make it a recognized sport.”

Who are the contributors and/or editors and how are they selected?

“We have found some great contributors all over the world, most have an active website, blog or interest in OCR and can obviously string a sentence together. Our editor is a guy named Wok Whitmore, who was doing the communications for some large Sport Academies in Australia, I just loved his energy and his ability to put articles together. So far we have 4 contributors in Australia, Leigh Taylor, Paul Towers, Ben Quinney and Cam Hill. All were doing great blogs around OCR and are super passionate about it. In the U.S we have 7 contributors Joe Vennare, Anthony Matesi, Rob DeCillis, Matt.B. Davis (Hey!  I know this guy!) and Brett Stewart, again all who have a great standing in the OCR community. In the UK we have Ben Kirkup and are looking for a few more to support him over there and a couple in Europe.  And finally in Scandinavia we have Andreas Dietzel, who will review the first ever OCR’s in that region which will happen next year.”

Will there be a subscription fee?

“The first issue is free and from there we will get a good grasp on how many people want it, whether they want it online or in print (or both). We will also get an idea on what advertisers are willing to invest to get access to OCR types.  If advertisers are lining up, we will definitely be able to offer online for free, if not there might be a small fee (maybe $10 for 4 issues).  Obviously there is a lot more cost associated with print, so I would estimate around $5 per issue for a physical copy (again determined by advertising interest)”

What excites you the most about doing this?

“I love the engagement we have had already on Facebook, so the community around OCR gives me a real buzz.  But I think the most exiting prospect will be working with guys like Joe Desena to make OCR a recognised sport and hopefully get it into a future Olympics.”

Anything else you just want to say to readers…??

“Only that we want to build the magazine to exactly what everyone in the OCR world wants Globally.  We love feedback, so anything you want to see in the mag email us at info@obstacleracingmagazine.com or message us through FB and Twitter (both @obstacleracemag).”