My 2013 OCR season begins tomorrow.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting it, but it only seems like a few weeks ago when I shut my body down for the season.  Sixteen hours from right now, I will be in the middle of a snowy, cold, mud and water-filled course.  I’ve decided that Feb 30 (because it feels more like Feb) is too early for obstacle racing in Kentucky.   Actually, the race itself will be great and I will immensely enjoy that part of it.  It is pre-race and post-race that is no fun.  One of my favorite parts about OCR is hanging out afterwards, sharing the stories….you know just bonding with other competitors.   That’s unlikely tomorrow because most racers will head for their cars after they finish rather than endure the post-race shivers.  I can’t imagine any type of crowd hanging around for the awards ceremony.  I’m holding out hope for a bonfire!

I’m not starting the season in the shape that I wanted to be in.  I took several weeks off this winter to heal and because of that,  I’m at an estimated 75% strength and 70% cardio.  My knee is better, but not 100%.  The stress reaction in my foot has still not completely subsided.  Unbelievable.   Regardless, it’s time to toughen up.  Let the first test begin.