God bless my OCR friends.  Every single one of them.  Some are uber-competitive.  Some are in it for the challenge.  Some participate just because they have nothing else better to do.  Regardless, they are all just a little bit “off” by contemporary societal standards!  I mean that in a good way and I’m positive that I’m dancing on the fringes of accepted cultural norms.  What do I love about all of them?  Let me count the ways.  I think I’ll count backwards.

5.  They post pictures of themselves doing strange things in odd places.  Burpees in the airport.  Yoga poses on city benches.  Handstands outside of church houses.  Who does that kinda stuff….?  My OCR friends, that’s who!

4.  They post pictures of their healthy meals.  Sure, one of them will occasionally slip in a picture of an Oreo, but for the most part they keep it clean.  The food that is.

3.  They put their bodies through extreme torture and live to tell about it.  The workouts are inspiring, if not a little bit scary.  I’m continually amazed by the new ways that these racers find to push themselves.

2.  They make friends with other OCR racers really easily.  A number of us count our co-racers among our best friends.  Is it a case of “misery loves company”?  No, I think the more appropriate cliché is “birds of a feather….”!

1.  They are giving and encouraging and motivating.  Charitable causes are supported abundantly and immediately.  They love to offer advice and train others.  They live to help the newcomer or the person struggling with health and fitness.  Remarkable people these OCR friends are!

Did you find yourself on this list???