Let’s clear the table immediately.  This post is not about me.  It’s not about what I do, although I try…and often fail.  It is what I’ve noticed, experienced, read about, and observed throughout the obstacle racing community the past couple of years.  They are in no order and the list is probably incomplete.  Feel free to add to the list in the comments section.  With that said, when I think about the most inspiring people in the sport today, they have most or all of the following traits/attitudes in common.

1.  Don’t be cocky.  Confidence = good; Cocky = not good.

2.  Don’t overlook anyone.  New elite racers emerge every race and others are continually improving.

3.  Do hard things.  It’s hard to inspire without accomplishment.

4.  Admit your faults and weaknesses.  An endearing trait of anyone.

5.  Help others.  Like #4, this is almost a given.

6.  Don’t be elitist.  Elite = good; Elitist = not good.

7.  Be grateful.  Thankful for the talents, abilities, and support they are given.


After publishing this, I remembered one more very important trait.

8.  Sacrifice & dedicate.  To be great, comfort must be placed to the side.  Other pleasures must be foregone.

What did I miss?


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