Jon Albon: Unplugged

Less than four hours removed from his third straight OCR World Championships win, Jon Albon sat sprawled out in front of me, seemingly oblivious to the awe being bestowed upon him by the international obstacle racing community.  Although self-described as nervous and shy as a kid, he appeared to be neither as we chatted comfortably … More Jon Albon: Unplugged

Christopher Acord: The Man behind the Beard

Clad in fatigues and hiking boots, Christopher Acord strode across the race grounds, eyes firmly affixed ahead at athletes struggling to complete the Platinum Rig obstacle.  His gait was indicative of one who possesses the power of purpose. That purpose, although sometimes erroneously masked by the “soul-stealing” persona displayed on social media, is one of strengthening … More Christopher Acord: The Man behind the Beard

Inside the Broken Skull Ranch with Alexander Nicholas

Spartan Pro athlete, Alexander Nicholas, stood on the dusty sands of the Broken Skull Ranch anxiously awaiting the signal to attack the 1/2 mile Skullbuster obstacle course.  His mental calculations told him that if gave 70% effort and avoided careless mistakes, he would easily beat the previous best time. It was the last day of filming … More Inside the Broken Skull Ranch with Alexander Nicholas

Off Course by Erin Beresini

Skillfully woven into her personal story of tackling the inaugural 2012 Spartan Ultra Beast , Outside Online columnist Erin Beresini, takes an inside look at the obstacle racing industry.  She tells stories of the companies, events, and people in a manner interesting even to those who already know them.  At appropriate times throughout, Erin vividly describes the sights … More Off Course by Erin Beresini