For Those Who WouldWhile a national press release is forthcoming, I want to personally announce the official launch of For Those Who Would, Inc.  We are a certified 501(c)(3) charity rooted in the obstacle and adventure racing community.

I had grown tired of competing solely for my own pleasure and gain and wanted to somehow honor and support a friend who is in a long battle with ALS.  This was a very personal cause for me.  One that could not be accomplished by donations to the ALS Society or any other large charitable organization in which I would never see tangible results.  I also knew that starting a GoFundMe account, asking all my friends to contribute, and raising a couple of thousand dollars was insufficient.  After months of thought and numerous conversations with friends, colleagues, and racing peers, For Those Who Would was born.  While I cannot thank everyone who has advised, supported, & encouraged, I owe a particular debt of gratitude to the Board of Directors.  They have spent countless hours in meetings, Google Hangouts, emails, and phone calls dedicated to this cause and it is as much their organization as it is mine.  Some names you may recognize; others you may not, but I assure you they have all contributed greatly in their own unique ways.  So to Patrick Robinson, Carrie Adams, Margaret Schlachter, Jonathan Burns, Amelia Boone, and Garry Weston: THANK YOU!


  1. To support the healthcare needs of families and individuals who suffer from chronic diseases or debilitating injuries
  2. To provide obstacle racers and adventure athletes an organization for which they can join to honor and support their own personal cause. Our byline, “By Those Who Can”, means that all athletes can become part of our mission.  We offer the legitimacy of a certified charity and the benefit of tax-deductible donations, which makes it much easier to approach and expand the pool of potential donors.
  3. Provide select OCR and Adventure Racing organizations with a charity that typifies the very heart of their races.  We want them to feel secure that their donated dollars go directly to helping others who would love to participate in racing, but are denied the joy because of their own health obstacles.

In the end, though, we are simply here to help MAKE MEANINGFUL IMPACT, by doing things to improve the lives of those close to us.  The thing is, the individuals and organizations who choose to help us will probably benefit as much as those we choose to honor.


We are here and ready to grow beyond belief.  If anything I said here touched you, please visit the website to see how you can become involved.