For Those Who WouldFull disclosure.  I, along with a few obstacle racers and colleagues formed the charitable foundation, For Those Who Would, with the goal of transforming the passion of OCR athletes into a mechanism benefiting society.  Aside from our charitable activities, we have initiated the For Those Who Would Humanitarian Award and will be presenting it along with co-sponsors OCR World Championships and Mud Run Guide at the OCR World Championships.  I am clearly biased, but let me tell you why it is important.

There are so many truly good people in OCR that go unnoticed for the things they do.  Elite athletes get attention.  Race directors get attention.  Leaders of OCR groups get attention.  OCR writers get attention.  We feel that is time that those among us who contribute selflessly to mankind off the course deserve recognition.  However, that isn’t the main reason why it is important.  Our community feeds off each other in numerous ways including how we train, how we eat, and how we approach life.  “Iron sharpens iron” as the verse goes.  By recognizing the humanitarians among us, it will bring exposure to what these people do and hopefully sharpen and motivate the rest of us to ‘do great things’.

Whoever wins the award this year, and next year, and the years going forward, most likely isn’t doing it for the recognition.  They are not seeking praise from others, but are simply doing what they feel is right and good.  FTWW and OCRWC and MRG want others so see those good works and emulate them in their own ways.  Imagine how much greater our world would be if just 10% of obstacle racers are motivated to take on the traits of a humanitarian.  That is why this award is important.

To read more about the award and nominate a deserving individual, see the press release from Mud Run Guide.