fitIf Spartan Up! is a kick in the rear, Spartan Fit! is an instructional manual and then some.  This second book by Joe DeSena, founder of Spartan Race, is the gift you give to that person who is committed to living healthier, but needs a plan – a step-by-step guide.

The 30-day workout and life plan in this book is like none other.  Nowhere will you find anything resembling “3 sets of 8 bench presses.” Instead you will find “Day 18: Olympus Carry Sprints, which is 40 minutes of sprinting to top of a hill and running down, followed by carrying a heavy log or rock up the hill and walking back down with it.” The plan is designed for those beginning a fitness journey, but if you’re already there, Joe provides a way to make it more difficult, which essentially is the introduction of various mental and physical elements.  An example? Do the workout with a mouthful of water – dubbed the Chimera after a mythical fire-breathing creature.  What if the long list of “elite” add-ons aren’t challenging enough?  Then go for the “Hero Workouts“, which I’m not even going to try to describe here.  Few are ready for these anyway.

The book is not just about physical strength or speed, but encompasses all areas of a healthy life including rest, nutrition, stretching, etc.  He bases this off the seven pillars of Spartan SGX training: endurance, strength, athleticism, recovery, nutrition, mind, and code.  In addition, De Sena sprinkles in fantastical and inspiring tales from the likes of Roman philosophers, Spartan soldiers, Jason Jaksetic, and others.

The book is easy to read and contains signature Joe DeSena philosophies.  If you know Joe, you know what you’re getting.  I highlighted about 30 passages in the book that I really loved, but I will end the review with this one.

Happiness isn’t something that just falls from the sky, and it’s not something that we should expect or demand.  We “earn” happiness through our thoughts and actions. Happiness comes easy through hard work.”

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