Marriott SpartanTwo of the biggest names in their respective industries have become partners.  On the surface this might seem ho-hummish, but it is an indicator of continued international appeal of the Spartan brand and overall interest in obstacle racing.  If I glance over my right shoulder, I can see a small mesh bag from approximately 5 years ago by one of Spartan’s first sponsors  – Gaspari Nutrition. No offense at all to Gaspari, but Marriott is a bigger fish.

Outside of the financial support that Marriott provides to the health of the sport, what does this mean to the average racer?  This. Everyone who joins the free Marriott Rewards Loyalty Program (if you are a frequent traveler it is a good idea regardless) gets the following:

  • 20% of Spartan Race registrations
  • Free VIP bag check
  • $5 off Spartan gear at race venues

Not a bad deal at all!  I would jump on it if I weren’t already a member.  To register with Marriott and take advantage of this offer, visit the Spartan Marriott Rewards page.