Eric MattaThis interview is one of a series with 5 different Beachbody Coaches (fitness enthusiasts authorized to sell products like P90x, Insanity, Asylum, etc.).  Enjoy the story!

What did I know about Eric before this interview?
Eric is not afraid to “put himself out there”!  Have you SEEN the calendar?!  Now, on to the interview.

Why did you become a Beachbody coach?
I became a Beachbody Coach in January 2012, mostly for the fact that I kept on getting different programs and I wanted to save some money. Nowadays, I love running the Challenge Groups and helping others hit their goals.

How/why did you become an obstacle racer?
I got into OCR’s through some friends that I’ve done other races with. They invited me to the Spartan Race in Amesbury back in 2011 and I’ve been hooked since!

If you could recommend only one Beachbody program for fitness training, what would it be?
Tough call. My gut reaction says Insanity but I’m not to the end of T25 just yet. I know Insanity was my favorite for years, and as crazy of a workout it sounds, it’s doable if people simply take breaks as needed and do some modifications until they get to that next level. I’m really enjoying T25, and if you push hard, you certainly get a killer workout.

What else do you do in addition to Beachbody programs for OCR training?
I do some running, I host an interval training class, and I also host an OCR specific class.

What is the worst thing that happened to you during an OCR?
During the Superhero Scramble in Amesbury my Inov8 X Talons finally ripped completely open after over a full year of racing hard in them. It made the rest of the race tougher trying to keep the shoe from flying off.

Favorite obstacle?
Hard to pick one, I love so many. The reason why I love OCR’S is because of the variety you get on the course rather than just a 5k.

Least favorite obstacle?
Hercules Hoist!! Even though I think I’m strong for my size, it’s pretty hard for a 135lb person to lift that weight!

Would you rather do an OCR in 80 degrees or 30 degrees?
80 degrees for sure, I like to sweat.

Yoga: yes or no?
I love yoga but don’t make enough time for it.

Favorite Beachbody trainer?
All time favorite is Shaun T. Sagi from Body Beast is a close second though.

Tony Horton: mute him or enjoy his banter?
Mute is harsh, but I do turn the volume down for him.   🙂

Favorite example of someone you have helped by being a Beachbody coach?
A coworker has now gone through a couple of programs with me and has had great results physically. Since our bond has grown bigger, and since Beachbody is so big on personal development, we have also been talking about that more recently. I’m a big believer that if you get your mind in the right spot, all other areas will be able to grow much faster.

If you would like to communicate with Eric about fitness and training, you can contact him at: