OCR Mission Trip 2018: Changing Lives

Little Jorge stopped 10 yards short of the finish line amidst our yells to continue on to the finish. Unphased, he knelt down in a 3-point stance, looked up and with a fierce look on his face, sprinted to the finish line, and jumped in my arms. Continue reading OCR Mission Trip 2018: Changing Lives

Marriott Spartan

Spartan and Marriott

Two of the biggest names in their respective industries have become partners.  On the surface this might seem ho-hummish, but it is an indicator of continued international appeal of the Spartan brand and overall interest in obstacle racing.  If I glance over my right shoulder, I can see a small mesh bag from approximately 5 years ago by one of Spartan’s first sponsors  – Gaspari … Continue reading Spartan and Marriott

Year 2 of the OCR Orphan Adventure Mission Trip

“¡Sí se puede!” is the phrase I heard at least a hundred times last week. “Yes, you can!” was chanted loudly, encouraging the residents of Casa Hogar Douglas children’s home and the Hope Program as they competed in the obstacle courses we designed. This encouragement, smiles, and positive affirmation play a small, but important role in helping piece together the shattered hearts of children and … Continue reading Year 2 of the OCR Orphan Adventure Mission Trip